Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Recipie For A Better Day


2 tasty hot dogs
1 small ice cream from Coldstone
2 cool friends
1 excellent movie

Mix and enjoy!

(Thanks for letting me tag along, guys! I had a great time, and am a much more content Sandkitty this morning than I was yesterday morning. :)

Noticed many things seeing Spidey 2 the second time. I may type some of them up later, time permitting. Two main things struck me this time. First, this is a middle movie. It doesn't suffer from really awful middle movie syndrome. But it very clearly picks up where the other movie left off, and ends such that it really needs the third movie.

The second thing that struck me on this viewing is that Spiderman 2 is what Buffy season 6 wanted to be. Buffy and Peter really should sit down in a bar together and shoot the breeze.

On a completely unrelated note, Guillotine Guy wants to convince me of the coolness of European cars. He's threatening to take me for a spin around the block in his BMW. I fear. I fear even more once he brings his 911 convertable in from Chicago.

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