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Yo-yo Life

Sunday: Went to autocross. While inflating the tires I found that I picked up yet another nail. *sniff* New tires! Bad nail!

Monday: Went to settle in for a therapeutic GT3 session and found that the CD player had gone non-responsive. Argh! Bad CD player! Not *right now*. It's an older player that I inherited from a friend who got it used for $5. Still, now is not a good time to have yet another thing break. I whined and fussed for a bit, and decided that going to bed before I completely regressed into a bawling baby would be for the best.

Tuesday: Went out for dinner with a friend. Got a fortune that read something like "The luck that has been granted to you is the envy of all that know you." I got a good laugh out of the black humor of that fortune. I offered my luck to several people, but none of them seemed to want it. I can't imagine why. Friend gave me LOTS of chocolate, so maybe there is hope for the universe yet.

Wednesday: Roomie forwarded e-mail address for the person I need to contact so I can get an error on my autocross standings from a few events back corrected. Looked at the web site and noticed that I won my class at the last event and am currently eligible for a trophy at the end of the year. Rock on! (Mind, I only won the class because it was just me and one other guy who never attends. So it was more due to a lack of competition than any l33t driving skills on my part. And I'm only eligible for a trophy currently because I've attended more events than just about everyone else in my class. I expect to go back to leading the bottom of the standings at the next event, at which point I will also lose the likelihood of picking up a trophy for the year as well.)

After work I realized that I would turn into a primal, snarling ball of unhappiness if I didn't take the evening off. Stayed home rather than going to iai. I thumbed through a bunch of home improvement/decorating magazines borrowed from my mom and decided what I want to do with the living room in the new house. Remembered that I have a portable CD player and the cables to hook it into the amp. Went in search of the necessary bits (so I could have a therapeutic round of GT3, since GT3 with no IniD music is Just Not Right.) Completely failed to find the portable CD player or the cables to hook it to the amp. In a fit of annoyance I decided to try turning on the defunct CD player. Damned if it didn't turn on and work just like nothing had happened. Well, I'm not looking a gift not-broken piece of electronics in the non-existent mouth. Played GT3, managed to win my Scooby snack. (The rally course I was messing around on wins you a Subaru rally car if you win all three events. Hence, Scooby snack.)

Thursday: Remembered that no, really, if I'm going to Sacramento or Atwater this weekend that I really want to get the tire fixed, and today is the only remotely convenient time. Thought about it a bunch. Pondered that I haven't seen any air loss from this nail. (Yes, I've been checking. I forgot to put the tire gauge back into the autocross box, so it's sitting around in the car.) Pondered this a bit more, and concluded that the nail is probably not through the tire. Asked my boss for a second opinion. Boss concured, grabbed pliers from the Maintenance folks and yanked the nail out. Looks like it didn't penetrate. *happy dance*

In only slightly related news, I seem to have found a cure for the chronic foot pain that I have had for the past three months. Wrapping it actually made the pain vanish instantly. No pain = good. Having to keep the foot wrapped = not as good. It seems to be causeing blisters on my ankle. I'm hoping the ankle brace is not a permanent fashion accessory -- though I'll put up with it over the horrible cramps that I would get any time I stood up or sat down. (The foot would hurt only when I was changing states from having weight on it to having no weight on it, or vice versa. No pain if I just sat. No pain if I kept walking. Change either of those states, and ouchiness occured.)

So, yeah. Life is an elevator. I'm just waiting for the day when I find the sadistic twits who keep pushing the buttons so I can tie them up and get them to leave me alone. Or at least get the guy who keeps pushing the "down" buttons. I can deal with some "up" for a while, and given the way my life has been for the past while, I figure I got a lot of floors to go up before I hit the top. A whole lot.

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