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Holy Confusing Org Charts, Batman!

(Actually, the subject makes me think happy thoughts of the Justice League season finale, which was Really Darn Cool. Anyone who does not watch JL, shame on you. Go watch it. It's good.)

I think some of the con-surreal is still infecting my mind... We have a new person who is going to be helping out Bitchy Boss Lady, since she is going to be spending more time working on the new SAP system we're putting in. I'm not entirely sure what The New Guy is going to be doing, since everything I asked about, it sounds like BBL is still going to be handling. (Or claiming to handle, rather. I haven't really seen her do anything other than rile people up a lot.)

New Guy came over to chat while he was faxing some stuff. He commented on all the various paraphernalia in my cube, and we had a nice discussion on guillotines. So far, I approve.
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