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Anyone local happen to have a copy of First Rider's Call by Kriten Britain that I could borrow? I'm almost done with the first book, but don't feel like buying the second one in hardbound.

My basic auto maintenance class ended this week. And my sensei is back from Japan (huzzah!) Which means that I actually have free time on Tuesday and Thursday nights again. And I am no longer honor-bound to drag myself in and teach class on Wednesday nights, no matter how thrashed I am feeling that night. (Not that it worked all the time anyway. But whatever.)

Life since the end of January has been pretty intense, between all the classes, house-hunting, roomie moving out, work -- you name it, it's been there. Except for free time. That's not been there. I managed to over-extend so badly that I was having to skip things because I was so exhausted I was falling-over dizzy.

The good thing about all the over-scheduling is that I'm finally giving myself permission to take things easy. Take today, for example. I'm helping out at Fanime. I would have taken the day off so I could be there to help with set-up, but work has been in "the sky is falling" mode for the past couple of weeks, and I didn't honestly think that I could get the time -- and knew that even if I did get the time, I didn't want to pay the "oh no, she's not going to be here for a WHOLE EXTRA DAY -- must swamp her with work NOW" price. So, I am not over-achieving and trying to squish as much stuff in as I possibly can just so I can take off early. If I do manage to get out early, great. If not, then there will be other people to help. It's not the end of the world. And I'm actually cool with that. It's pretty weird.

No, sadly, I'm not thinking about taking one. I'm thinking whistfully of my friends who are driving up from Santa Barbara even as I type. I kind of envy them. It would be so much fun to take some and go somewhere, hanging out with friends in the car for hours on end as the landscape rolls by.

It got me to thinking. I'm trying to remember the last time I took a road trip with friends. Not by myself, not with family, not flying somewhere. Just driving with friends. I think the last time was when cirdan_havens and I drove up to pick up llamabitchyo from Seattle. That was long ago enough that llamabitchyo has left and done a road trip of her own to the other side of the country. I miss doing road trips with friends, and really need to work to get time free in my schedule sometime to take one.

I'm going to be gone to Fanime for the weekend. Supposedly the hotel has free wireless Internet, so we'll see if I can get my new card to work or not.

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