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On Your Marks! Get Set! Melt!!

On the way back from one of our ritual Starbucks runs, my coworker and I spotted a long trailer with a HUGE picture of Sees candies on the sides. Driving along behind it, I was rather startled to notice a large NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) drag racing sticker on the back.

"Drag racing chocolates??" My coworker asked.

Okay, so maybe I haven't had enough sleep recently, 'cause I found that totally hillarious.

So I was thinking about it... How would Sees Candies perform in a drag race? (Okay, ignore the lack of wheels, engine, or the fact that most of them would melt before they made it a quarter foot, much less a quarter mile. I'm being silly here, right?)

I'm debating whether the nuts would have an aerodynamic advantage over the more creme-filled. On the one hand, the nuts have a lot of dips and pockets to help trap the air. This should help give them added downforce, but I think wind resistance could play more of a factor. They are very low to the ground, which should help compensate somewhat. All in all, I suspect they would have a very competitive package.

On the other hand, the cremes have a very rounded, smooth surface that should help minimize some air drag, though the relatively large vertical profile they present would probably cause more resitance than the smooth sides solve. If they are something like a chocolate covered marshmallow, then they would have a significant weight advantage over the heavier nuts. The caramels, though, would pay a heavy competative price for the rich golden interior under their chocolate-y hood.

The candies that would totally dominate the series would, of course, be the mints and the chocolate covered toffees. The long, thin toffees weigh very little, and present a very low aerodynamic profile. The mints, while heavier, are very similar. And they have the added benefit of the wavey lines on the top which, when angled correctly, would help provide stability at high speeds.

I think I need to stop off at Sees so that I can do further, uh, research on my theories.


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