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I'm not going to try and describe how unpleasant work has been this week. That would require wrapping my brain around all of it. And that would be too horrifying. Let's just say that it's been bad enough that I'm seriously considering dropping the house idea in favor of changing jobs RIGHT NOW.

Yesterday, about twenty minutes before I was planning on leaving, my boss called me for a personal meeting. I figured it was about the way that I rather publicly didn't put up with him and the project manager dumping the PM's idiocy onto me. (I'm just fed up that way.) The conversation started with him saying that we were also going to have a meeting with Bitchy Boss Lady, since there were issues that he and I seemed incapable of solving. He just wanted to make sure that I was clear on his point first. (He didn't seem to appreciate my passing along to him my interpretation that he wanted to make sure that I knew what to say to Bitchy Boss Lady so as not to make him look bad.)

After the one-on-one with him, we seemed to at least come to a truce. I told him that I thought that we still needed to talk to Bitchy Boss Lady. He said he would send her an e-mail.

Is anyone surprised that he didn't?

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