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Jack, Eat Your Heart Out

I'm not trying to be snide. Really. But honestly, sometimes it just pops out.

Boss: You mentioned that The Princess is going to be out today.

Me: Yes...?

Boss: I'm trying to figure out how we can find out from her if she's comfortable testing the new process on the test server, or if she needs the data loaded in Production.

Me: Well, I can't exactly ask her today, since she's not here.

Boss: How do you think we can find out?

Me: We could wait until tomorrow, and ask her when she comes in?

Now, tell me. Was that snide? I mean, how else am I supposed to find out information from a coworker who isn't here?? I don't have her cel phone number, and I know that she can't check her work e-mail from home (and wouldn't even if she could.) I suppose I could try to send up smoke signals. But somehow, I have a feeling that she probably wouldn't get the message.

From a random news article: We're here in Monterrey where the killer whales are killing all their prey. Me: Yes, that's what prey is for.


I mean, am I missing something on the definition of "prey"? Usually preditors kill their prey. That's what makes them preditors and the dead critters prey.

Is it just that people are incapable of understanding English these days? Or was there some deeper meaning to "the killer whales are killing all of their prey"? I mean, maybe that would seem less obvious if the killer whales were part of some "fish are friends, not food" campaign. But I seriously doubt the media had interviewed the whales to find out what their personal moral beliefs on being a preditor were.

Honestly, I think I'm understanding people less and less with each passing day. But at least they are good to mock!

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