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New Coworker Nickname

Rejoice and be happy! One of my coworkers has achieved that most coveted of all things: his own personal nick-name. Whee!! The award of a nick-name is a special, personalized occasion, not to be taken lightly.

The new nick-name is Harbinger Of Doom. Not because he brings me problems. Oh, no, he doesn't. What he does do is always come over when I am in the middle of a problem and sit in my cube and talk at me about absolutely nothing for no apparent reason. I do not know who this guy is or why he wants to talk to me. He's not in my department, and he's not one of the key users outside my department who I talk to regularly. In fact, he's pretty much not related to my job at all. But still he comes and sits and chats about nothing and keeps me from being able to fix major problems. And he only does this when I have major problems to fix. He never does this when I am bored, or have nothing to do.

Personally, I'm starting to suspect that he is some kind of sadistic, evil mastermind who goes and causes problems in production for me to have to solve just so he can come and sit in my cube and watch me squirm and try to come up with a polite way to say "Why are you sitting in my cube??? I'm busy, and I don't even know who you are! Why do you haunt me like this?!?"
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