Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Why I Don't Clean Often

In that sort of cosmic "no cleaning goes unpunished" kind of way... On a whim, I decided to sweep the stairs and entry hall leading up to my flat. Of course, I can't just sweep all the junk out the gate and ignore it, since it looks untidy. So I decided to sweep it all into the street and let the street cleaner deal with it.

As I was sweeping happily along, I noticed there was the body of a dead bird lying in front of my building. This seems to happen every year. The birds seem to like building nests in the eaves. The baby birds do not always seem to like staying in the eaves. It is tragic and disturbing.

After noticing the bird corpse, I decided to sweep all the junk into a grassy bit by the side of the house. I don't like the idea of leaving the poor little birdy's corpse out in the street where it will get stepped on and run over until the street cleaner comes along and sucks the little corpse up. It's silly and sentimental (why on earth should it matter to the dead birdy what happens to its corpse?), but there you go.

So, *sweep*. The first time I move the corpse, out of the corner of my eye I catch it moving in a way I didn't expect. Er... It must be that it's limp, so the head flips around. *sweep* Okay, this time, I KNOW I saw it move in a way I didn't expect! *shriek*

I stop sweeping and stare for a minute. Yup, sure enough, the "corpse" starts moving around. *shudder* The poor little thing looks relatively lively, considering that it fell two stories, hit the concrete, and then was flung around by a thoughtless broom.

I pried it out of the crack it got stuck in (with a convenient leaf, and not my hands.) Other than that, well... I know that Wildlife Rescue doesn't want to take baby birds like this. They're a lot of work, and what on earth does anyone do with them? I would take it in and feed it, but honestly, all I would do is prolong its suffering. I do not have the time to take care of it. And even if I did nurse it back to health, I would inherit a pet bird since I would not be able to release it back into the wild. With no parent to teach it how to survive, it would be just as dead as if I stepped on it now.

So, I pushed it somewhere where it isn't in the direct path of traffic, is in the shade, and is near where it first fell. In an attempt to improve its chances, I scattered birdseed around where it is, in the hopes that maybe the seed would attract the baby's mother, and she'll do something. (That, or something hungry would come by and have some nice, fresh, young birdy. But at least that would put it out of its suffering.) And then I went away. I would like to sit with the poor thing and keep it company or something. But its only chance of having its mother find it and do something for it lie in me staying completely away.

I expect to step over a baby bird corpse in the morning.

Some days, Darwinism really sucks.
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