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Curse You, Logic!

Driving in to work this morning it occured to me that I have to get my tires rotated this weekend. I was hoping to put it off until late next week or possibly the week after, since I could just do it at the same time as I was resurfacing my front rotors. But I have an autocross on Sunday, and I'm afraid that if I leave the front tires where they are, I run the risk of cording them if I do a lot of runs (which I probably will), or a lot of hard cornering (we're at Marina, so I probably will.)

After reading lucifie's post, I got to thinking about it. I'm going to have to buy tires soon anyway. Given time constraints, I'm probably going to go in to Big O and get them to rotate the tires for me. (Yes, I *could* jack my car up -- on a hill! -- and do it myself. But they will do it for me for free. Now remind me why I wanted to do it myself?) But I started doing some math...

After this autocross I'm going to have to get new tires before the next one, possibly the one after that if I really wanted to push it. (Probably not wise to, though. I haven't taken Licoln's Hair to the tread yet, but I suspect that when I do, I'll find that it's low.) This event is at Marina. We get low turnout there, since it's a long drive away. So we usually get four runs per person, and frequently have time left over for fun runs even so. I'm in run group 7, so sticking around for fun runs is easy. Given that math, there's a good chance I'm going to be putting about seven runs on these tires. It should be okay if I rotate them, but the fronts (currently the backs) will probably be shot by the time I get finished.

One other thing dawned on me: low turnout at Marina means the probability of picking up lots of points due to a lack of people in the class. Hmm... And this month is one of the two months that I get an extra paycheck....

So now I'm pondering getting new tires on my way home from work.

Anyone know how bad it is autox'ing brand spankin' new tires? I'll have a couple of hundred miles on them by the time I get there, so it should be fine, right? Right??

Need new rims... Really, REALLY need new rims...

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