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(Thanks to random_girl for pointing this out!)

I've never heard of a Googlebomb before. For those other folks like me, here is thethe Reader's Digest version of what a Googlebomb is.

Google rankings are based largely on what the text that other sites use when linking to a particularly site. One weird side effect of this is that it is possible that the site that comes up on top may not actually have the given phrase on it at all!

There seems to be a Googlebomb that makes the top hit on the phrase "Jew go to an anti-semitic site. So in addition to explaining this fascinating phenomenon, this post is also trying to help Googlebomb the Googlebomb. And I thought some folks who read this blog might be interested.

(Personally, if I were going to instigate a Googlebom, I would try to put pit of voles back to the homepage. Just so that the joke makes sense to the uninitiated once again.)
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