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Peeps Watch

Insane Roomie decided that she needed a little Easter in her life, so she bought some Peeps. Nice, sugary, purple Peeps.

After eating two of them, she declared that she was done. Leaving about twelve nice, sugary, purple Peeps behind.

In an attempt to get rid of them, she gave them to me to take to work. My coworkers are classic, old-school engineers. They'll eat anything. (They'll even eat stuff that Mikey won't eat.)

So, the Peeps have been laid out. And now the countdown begins to see how long it takes before the coworkers find them.

8:10 - Diabetic coworker (who sits next to me) locates the Peeps. He finds the sugar coated sugar amusing, but does not partake. The Peeps continue sitting unmolested in their habitat.

9:30 - Get up to go to the bathroom. The Peeps continue to linger, untouched. I wonder if Fluffy just hasn't found them yet.

9:38 - Success at last! While I was away from my desk someone snuck in and stole away with a Peep. Perhaps the Peeps preditors are just shy and do not want to be caught while hunting their purple-y prey...?

10:24 - Stepped away to Starbucks. While I was gone two more Peeps vanished. Clearly the Peeps Predator is shy. Will wait to see how many of their ranks get taken when I leave for lunch...

10:47 - Suspected Peeps Preditor cruised by. Though I stayed very still, he still spotted me in my cube, and continued walking. Must set up a more opaque blind if I wish to observe the PP on the hunt...

12:23 - Stepped away from my desk again; another Peep was consumed. Clearly the PP will not prowl for Peeps if he is being watched. Will go out for lunch, am hoping that when I return, at least one box of Peeps will be empty.

13:57 - Peep carnage ensued while I was away at lunch. Of the herds of Peeps that once ranged the table next to my cube, a mere three Peeps remain. One herd has been completely wiped out, while the other has been severely decimated. I still have not caught a glimpse of the Peepertrator. Is this the work of one man? Or are these innocent little purple chicks now feeding a growing community of Peep Preditors? I must wait and see if the last three Peeps provide any answers.

My diabetic coworker is now watching the on-going Peeps depletion with interest. It comforts me to know that someone else shares my scientific interest in the fate of these Peeps.

16:08 - Apparently satiated, the PP has left the Peeps in peace for the rest of the afternoon despite several opportunities to approach unobserved. Now I debate leaving them where they are versus moving them into a different (and, perhaps, more preditor-filled) habitat. A strange sense of nostaligia fills me, and I ponder the relative merits of consuming one myself. (Merits? There are merits to eating purple sugary things??)


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