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What I Get For Calling Seiji A Wuss

Reading "Vivid Eternity Blossoms On The Road". Wow, this thing is so painfully awful that llamabitchyo's Overexposed Overexposition Fairy starts looking good. *shudder* But... Must... Continue... Reading...!!! Seiji made it through the third chapter. After issuing my earlier challenge, I cannot do any less. I will prove that I am the greater masochist, and will finish through at least the fourth chapter!!

(I think this is the equivalent of a pissing contest for intellectual snobs. Or something like that.)

I have so much more respect for English teachers now. If I had to try and improve this author's writing, I don't know how I would even try to start going about it. *shudder*



(You can stop laughing now, Seiji!)

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