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Oh Please, Make The Music Stop!!!

Things I've learned while on hold with Earthlink tech support:

- Their main hold music is on a loop. The durration of the piece is approximately 5 minutes and 40 seconds. (I need to get a stopwatch; it would be nice to have the exact number of seconds. Maybe I should record it down to the milliseconds? One can never be too accurate!!)

- Their average hold time is around 13 to 14 minutes. This allows a little over 2 1/2 repetitions of their hold music.

- There is a glitch in the hold music about 3 minutes in that makes it sound like someone has picked up when they really haven't.

- I need to time how often they repeat the "All representatives are busy with other customers right now." message. It is very lax of me not to have taken the wonderful opportunities afforded to me by being on hold for so long and have timed this. I must confess that as an anal-retentive geek, I am failing in this area. I will strive to do better!! I can only hope that they leave me on hold long enough that I can rectify this horrible oversight.

- The hold music that you get when a rep puts you on hold after you have made it through the queue is different from the hold queue music.

- I really need to spend less time listening to the hold music at Earthlink. Unfortunately, since Earthlink reps in general refuse to do call-backs, I have to in order to get the latest status. Also, I was told last night (by Jim, the supervisor who needs to get a clue on how to handle upset callers) that unless I call in to follow-up, Earthlink reps won't follow up with MCI. So basically, the only way I can get any service is to call them and badger them until they do something. Isn't that lovely service? With friendly customer service like that, I can see why they got awards -- but only awards for "really stinky service"!!

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