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Just In Case You Were Wondering...

My DSL is still out. I'm currently working with a guy who actually seems to have a clue, and actually seems to give a fuck that my DSL has been out for almost three weeks now. I'm giving him a chance to try and come through, but honestly, I'm just about to the point in time where I'm going to just fork out the cash to get a new provider for the few months that we're still at our current place. Paying out a $100 installation fee is starting to be cheaper than the amount of time I'm wasting on this issue. (If Earthlink were paying my salary, they would owe me about $1200 at this point.)

Bottom line: Earthlink sucks. Most of their tech reps are uninformed morons. Only get this "service" if you want to pay a lot of money ($50/month) for absolutely no service.

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