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Stupidity 101

I wanted to make a magnetic decal to put on my car for autoX (and rallyX, when I do it.) I had some of the magnetic stuff that I made my numbers out of left over, so I pulled it out, and started working with it. The stuff has been rolled up and stuck in a corner for a while, so it was a littled kinked up.

No problem, just heat it up a little and it will flatten right out, I thought. Normally I would just throw it on the engine block for a couple of minutes. Hmm, I haven't run my car recently, so that wouldn't work. But hey, my laptop's on, and it gets nice and warm on the bottom.

So I tossed the stuff under the laptop.


It's all nice and flexible now. I cut out my decal, and everything's all happy. Heck, I even met my requisite Blonde Moment for the month, so I don't have to worry about getting my Blonde Licence revoked any time soon.

In unrelated news, Like, that one of them has a pair of boxers with mermaids striking sexy poses on them. *ick* *ick* *ick* *ick* *ick* *ick*


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