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*sniff* I have an autoX conflicting with a rallyX in May. *sniff* They will undoubtedly all conflict with Fanime anyway. Yet more *sniff*ling.

I need less of a life. Or more of an unlife. Or something.

Oh wait. I remember that "life" thing. And why I usually try to flee it at faster than the speed of sound. So,

The DSL is still out. We finally got Earthlink to 'fess up that their provider, MCI, moved us to a new DSLAM on the day that our stuff went out. MCI claims to have fixed it. My computer claims otherwise. "Fed up" doesn't begin to describe where I'm at. I ponder the relative merits of sticking on dial-up until we move.

On the happier end, I've finally chased all the worms off my computer. These would be the worms that I got because I wasn't hiding behind my router because my DSL went out. Not that I'm bitter. And at least they are gone.

Working on the house thing. It would be a little less painful if stuff in this area didn't cost so darn much. I once again ponder moving to a less expensive, more rally-blessed part of the country. Then I remind myself that my father is in poor health, and part of why I want to move is to be closer so I can see my folks more often and so I can be closer to help my mother when my father isn't doing so well. Argh. And there's still that whole "get a new job" thing, which needs to wait until I get the house stuff sorted out. Feh.

So my life right now is kind of a pain in the butt. Otherwise, I think the play is fine.

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