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Some tech hates me, some tech loves me

Well, this has been a weekend of mixed results. First off, my DSL is out at home. It appears to be related to some oddities of my account, and involves large amounts of two different companies staring at each other claiming it's the other one's problem. It also may or may not be related to a problem that I've been keeping an eye on, where e-mail to my Earthlink account may not be coming through correctly. I have a couple of cases where I know someone sent an e-mail to that account and it just never arrived. So if anyone who mails to that account has been wondering why I haven't replied, it may just be that I didn't get the mail. Try e-mailing me again, or try mailing my Yahoo! account (which, surprisingly, appears to be behaving itself).

On the bright side, I took my car in for an oil change, and nothing seems to have broken. This is the first time since last November that I've gone somewhere other than the dealership and not had anything break. I am very pleased. An oil change is a pathetic thing to need to fear, but after having the car alarm and the clutch break after two different oil changes at two different places, I am twitchy. (Yes, I know there should be no relation between the two problems I had and having the oil changed. Still, having a problem occur just after I got the oil changed two consecutive times made me suspicious.) After the oil change, I went for a drive up around Mt. Tam, which was pretty and relaxing. So I now have one very content car, and one more relieved me.

DSL update: one hour and large amounts of pathetic, helpless customer whining later, and I have someone's direct extension. I am much happier. I still have no DSL service, and I still have no idea if/when they are going to get it fixed. But at least I have a tech of my own. I wish I had the number of the tech who transfered me to the wrong department, 'cause I'm still feeling crabby about having been transfered to the wrong queue (which resulted in my having to sit on hold for another 20 minutes to try and get ahold of someone else). Besides, I think people who abuse escalate privileges need to be thwacked. (Yes Jeanne, that would be your evil influence talking there! :) Oh, and it turns out that somehow I'm getting something of my service through Worldcom. *sigh* I'm foreseeing changing vendors in my immediate future. This may very well take a while to resolve.

(P.S. Anyone know why the spellchecker says "ahold" isn't a properly spelled word?)

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