Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Good. Bad. Good-Bad.GoodBadGoodBad

Good: Blaster is currently cleared off my laptop.

Bad: This is not going to last very long, since I have to go online to get the Microsoft patch to fix it, and I will re-acquire Blaster again as soon as I do.

Good: Talked to the mortgage broker. She talked me into applying for a loan that is higher than what I had intended, but at a lower interest rate. In fact, it's the lowest I've seen, and doesn't require any taunting me with "if you only had another $50,000 then you could get half a percent lower interest rate. Too bad you're poor." She even said that it would be no problem qualifying.

Bad: So where's my pre-approval??? Nnnghghgh!! I want the piece of paper before the weekend.

Cotton Candy announced yesterday that he's leaving. Speculation is rampent on whether this was a voluntary departure or not. I was very proud of myself, I didn't cheer when he made the announcement. It took a great effort. I don't think I ever did manage to look "appropriately" remorseful. Or, well, remorseful at all. I'm still fighting the urge to e-mail his subordinates and congratulate them.

Meanwhile, the DSL is still out. Someone is supposed to come by today to take a look at the phone lines, and try to fix the problem. I have a brand spanking new DSL modem, so I can try that out if everything checks out on the line. So maybe with a little bit of luck this DSL problem will be resolved... soon. Not sure how soon. But maybe kind of soon.

With a little bit of luck (and some free time to work!) I should have the project that suddenly people are slamming to get finished (even though they didn't mention to me that it was in any way shape or form related to this other project which now mine is apparently holding up -- thanks for the heads up, folks!) late today or sometime tomorrow.

My coworker forgot her breakfast and lunch today, so we drove over to a local bakery cafe. The route I take to it involves a tight right turn where you have to pass between the curb on the right, and an island on the left (in the center of the road.) It's not particularly wide. I usually take it in classic "I play GT3" style: late apex, cutting as close to the inside curb as possible, then accelerating out in as straight a line as possible, ending up as close to the island as possible.

This morning I cheerfully executed this manuevour in grand style. A couple of seconds later I glance in my rearview mirror and notice that another car (a Camry, I think) seemed to have tried to duplicate my line with, ah, let's call it a little less success. It was pretty obvious that he had tried a similar line, but didn't know where the left-hand wheels of his car were, since he ended up on the island. It was just too amusing. (I think his main problem was just that his car is too wide and long for that to work effectively.)

(Okay, so it's a cheap shot. But these days, I take my amusement where I can!)

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