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Blast, er...

The on-going saga of computer problems continues. So now I've got Blaster. Feh. It looks like I acquired it because the DSL was down -- usually I would have a router acting as a firewall keeping this kind of junk out. But noooo, the DSL crapped out and so I had to use the dial-up. And when I did, blamo.

I am not a happy Sandpanther. On the slightly up side, I now have what I need to disinfect my system (and rhylar, if you want it), I have a lead on a couple of DSL modems, and I have an anti-spyware program -- fortunately on DVD, since I can't download it, and I don't have a functional floppy drive.

Oh, and just to make my computing life complete, the Internet is being flaky at work now as well. Just call me the Typhoid Mary of bits!
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