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And Baby Makes Three

About three months ago, it occurred to me that my job satisfaction would improve by about 80% if I didn't have to work with just three people: My boss, Surly Boy, and the Village Idiot. Well, Surly Boy got himself stuffed into another job thanks to hit attitude and sucky performance, and the Village Idiot finally announced his retirement. When I heard that last part I thought, could I be so lucky? Is it really possible that all three would go? But no, I had thought. My boss isn't that close to retirement, and he is good enough at his job that they wouldn't move him over to stuffing contact lens blisters into boxes. There no way that I could be so lucky.

Heh. Well, it turns out that I can be so lucky. Thanks to a departmental reorganization, I'm no longer going to be reporting to him, effective tomorrow. It will be announced tomorrow exactly who I am reporting to, but it looks likely that it will be Tester Boy. I get along with Tester Boy. He doesn't treat me like I'm an idiot. We sit and geek on cars. I am very pleased.

(BTW, Cirdan? The name I was trying to remember at lunch was the Element.)

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