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They're Trying To Make Me Crazy

(Yes, that's a quote. Points to folks who recognize it and can supply the first half.)

So I'm still working on the &*()# directory permissions thing from three weeks ago. (And my boss wonders why I'm not getting stuff done on my other projects -- no, really, he actually does. I wish I were making that up, but he genuinely didn't seem to take it into account when I pointed it out earlier today.) Aaaanyway, on Friday Mean Boy came up with a solution that was supposed to work for securing down this one directory. I tested out and found that, reliably and repeatedly, if I could do all the things the users requested for that directory, I could also delete the directory. One good, one bad.

This whole mess was supposed to get rolled out to Production today. Since it obviously didn't work the way it needed to, I explained the situation to the users, and they voted to call it off. I sent my boss e-mail informing him of this.

When I got in today, I got the following e-mail:
Thanks for being pro-active, but would have appreciated a call before you did this. Why do you think the solution that we worked out with Mean Boy does not work?

I'll just ignore that I told him in my e-mail to him why I thought that the solution we worked out with Mean Boy does not work... Except for the being pissed off at him for being stupid part.

So once he got in I went over and appologized to him for not calling him before talking to the users. His immediate response: "Oh, don't worry, it's fine. You didn't need to call me."

Huh? His e-mail didn't sound like "oh, don't worry, it's fine, you didn't need to call me." Did it?

By the end of the conversation he thanked me for being on top of it, and gave me a "good work." Le'huh?

So I think this is really just a plot to drive me insane. Unfortunately for them, I'm already pretty much there and have learned how to act like a reasonable member of society despite that. And anyway, after three years of Fluffy's wonderful leadership, I have to say that as far as attempts to dislodge my sanity go, that one is pretty weak. Even though it does make me scratch my head and think "one of us here is not mentally balanced in our head..."

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