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05 March 2004 @ 09:31 am
For Folks Driving In The Bay Area  
I've noticed an awful lot of CHP cars on (or by the side of) the road recently. I think it has to do with the shootings over on 580. But either way, watch your speed, 'cause there's an awful lot of them out there.
Taerieltaeriel on March 5th, 2004 08:47 pm (UTC)
I've noticed this as well. It seems like the number of them roughly doubled, more or less.

Cruise control is going to be my friend over the next while - setting it insures I can't accidently speed without noticing it.

But, grr. I just read Kaien's link. What about situations where everyone around you is speeding? Say they're going 75mph, and you're going 70. You're getting passed right and left... are you still in danger of a ticket, I wonder? Would the patrol target you randomly even though you're closer to the speedlimit, or because you're easier to catch? I'm always a bit nervous about going too *slow* compared to the rest of the traffic around me; people get annoyed, they tailgate you, they zoom around you... it seems as dangerous as speeding itself.

I usually cruise over the speedlimit going up and down 280 to/from your place. I guess I'd better stick to 65 tonight...