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Went to class tonight (the car class, not the sword class.) There is a guy in the class who I think is cute. I think it's mainly because he reminds me of Daniel Jackson from Stargate. Remember the "horribly shallow" part? Yeah.

So anyway, the second half of the class is dedicated to shop work. Attendance is optional. I've been feeling dog tired recently, so I was contemplating bagging out. It looked like we had a couple of oil changes and a transmission fluid change. *yawn* Not terribly exciting, probably not worth hanging around for.

I was just about to head out when someone drives in a Subaru. Just an Outback, nothing insanely impressive. But a Scoob nonetheless. Hm, maybe it's worth sticking around for a brief look-see. Then I realize that it belongs to The Cute Guy.

Right, I'm staying.

So just to prove that I'm shallow in multiple ways, I spent most of the rest of the class scoping out the car. Yes, really, I spent a lot of time checking out the car, not the guy I think is kinda cute because he reminds me of a character in a TV show. I think I've risen to new depths of shallowness.

But from all that I've decided that Subaru builds nice little cars. All the important stuff is located in easy to get to locations, and looks relatively easy to change. The Cute Guy says that it's fun to drive and easy to handle (it's also a manual), and actually takes it out on dirt sometimes.

So I'm heading down the freeway at maybe five miles over the speed limit, maybe not quite that much. I'm in the second lane from the right (on a four-lane freeway.) I noticed a car merging on that looked like it wanted to be in my lane and was pondering moving over to make it easier for him when I suddenly notice this Bloody Bright Light (tm) in my rearview mirror. I glance up to get a better idea of what is going on and realize that it's a cop. [Insert many naughty words here.]

A moment later I realize that while he has his spotlight trained on me, he doesn't have any of his other lights flashing. Okay... Does he want me to pull over? What is going on? I signal and pull over a lane. He keeps his lights trained on me. Then he pulls up next to me and shines the spotlight directly in through my window.

Let me just say that having a spotlight from a police cruiser shining into your window from less than ten feet away is not the most pleasant of experiences. In fact, it's downright blinding. At least there weren't too many other cars on the freeway.

Figuring that he wants me to pull over even though he's NOT flashing his lights, I signal to pull off the road. He then pulls in front of me and exits at the next off-ramp. I continue home, somewhat shaken, and wondering what on earth that was all about. Anyone have any ideas??

I really want to track down the people who installed that pop-up software and do Very Bad Things to them. Very, Very Bad Things. Particularly since it now looks like said software is starting to crash my computer. If I could find who they were, I would sue them for my time in having to rid my (now unstable) system of their stupid software. I'm pondering whether I am going to have to wipe my system and reinstall everything. Grr.

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