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Guess who's at work right now?

It's a good thing that my desk is very far away from everyone else who is in the building at the moment, because my sanity is a good deal more questionable than normal. (Just ask llamabitchyo.) I just discovered that my echinacea gummy bears have formed a united front against me. They are all stuck together so I can't get any of them out. I shook the bottle for a while shouting "no, no, don't break ranks! Together we are strong, but if we are not united we will all die!!!"

(I'm also muttering very rude things about some of my coworkers. So maybe it's a good thing that no one else is around to hear my muttered curses and swearing either.)

I'm starting to suspect that our Administrator password might be compromised. We've used the same one for over two years now, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. And it would explain some of the problems we've been seeing.

Feh. I wanted to try and get a home loan today. Guess I will have to put it off (A-GAIN). I suppose it's better to be called in today than tomorrow, since there's an autocross.

Edit: Oh yeah, and someone rearranged my desk overnight. All my lovely organized chaos, now redone into neat, useless stacks. *sniff*

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