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12 February 2004 @ 08:13 am
This article on the impact of how the ban on American beef in Japan is effecting beefbowl places fascinated me. It's just an intriguing look into a particular subculture fascit in Japan. It also makes me a little glad I'm not there right now, since I like Yoshinoya, and try to hit it at least once whenever I'm in Japan (even despite how fatty their beef is.)

One of the guys at work pulled up in a shiny 350Z. This would be of only moderate note, except that he usually drives a WRX wagon. And sometimes he drives an older Civic. I want to know where he gets all these cars from! I'm debating whether I should, like, ask him or sometime.

Would blog more, but I'm too tired. I spent one of the longest amounts of time at home while conscious in a long time last night -- which was just long enough to watch last week's Stargate episode. I was disturbed to note that Smallville was recording, but I haven't watched last week's episode yet. *wince* Need to either get more free time, or a bigger hard drive for the TiVo!

In unrelated news, I finally have a new car battery, and the coolant has been flushed. Both of which I did m'self. Saturday I'm planning on changing the oil. At least some of the tired is a good tired.

Monday I go talk to someone about borrowing... well, enough money to buy one of Petter's used cars, let's just say that. >.< Hopefully what I do with the money will cost less to maintain.
SnarkyLlamallamabitchyo on February 12th, 2004 07:03 pm (UTC)
It's just an intriguing look into a particular subculture fascit in Japan.

*dubious piggy look*

Do you mean facet or is our fascist friend Max corrupting you?
Sandpanthersandpanther on February 12th, 2004 09:25 pm (UTC)
Bother, I knew I forgot something before posting it. I please unconsciousness as my excuse.