Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Optician of Mystery

The Princess and I had been talking about clip-on sunglasses (for those of us who wear perscription glasses.) She has a pair that use magnetic clip-ons, and brought them by so I could take a look at them. They're pretty nifty, really. Easy on, easy off -- they address my major issue with using a clip-on for sunglasses; namely, I have a hard time getting them on, and more importantly, off. (This is not my favorite "feature" when I'm going from bright sun into a small, dark parking garage.)

After I poked at them for a little while, the Princess commented that they're from a Japanese company, and asked if I wanted to take down the company's name. I said sure, so she showed me the case, with the company name embossed on it.


I told her that I didn't need to write it down, since I seriously doubted that there was any way I would forget that name. She was most perplexed. I was most amused.

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