January 15th, 2012

My Widdle Bwain

Slippers: 2 Cats: 0

My cats are terrified of slippers. Most unexpected.

Round 1:

Around early December the weather turned cold enough that walking around even in socks was a bit too cold I decided to put on my Pikachu slippers that a friend of mine gave me several years back as a joke. I figured the cats would think them great, and use the ears as cat toys.

I was wrong.

They took one look, and backed away in horror, their posture clearly screaming "What is that abomination!? Will it try to eat us?!?" I think a large dog would have brought a friendlier response. Eventually I decided that it wasn't worth the years of therapy they would have to go through to get them accustomed to the slippers, so I tucked them safely out of sight, and all was again well in my kitties' universe.

Round 2:

The slippers I usually use are from Ikea and are old and have the foam falling out the bottom, so I decided to get a new pair. I wanted something that would completely cover my foot so I wouldn't have the slippers fall off so easily, and maybe something with a bit more rugged a sole, so if I stepped out into the garage for something I would have something that could take the cement floor. I swung by Kohls and found a perfect pair -- on sale, no less. I went home, slipped them on and counted myself quite content over the whole purchase -- until I noticed that my kitties looked traumatized by them. They have a rubberized/plastic sole, and they make a ticking noise when I walk. I always take my shoes off when I come into the house, so I've never worn anything that makes noise. Apparently my moving around noisily freaks out the cats.

Cats are weird.

(No really, cats are weird. One of them has decided that a plastic knife is the Best Cat Toy Evar. It's really quite amusing.)
My Widdle Bwain

Communication Classes

That's it, subconscious.

I'm enrolling you in communication classes. Giving me a nightmare that my car got stolen on the way to the airport to catch a plane for vacation (with all my luggage in it, no less) is not an appropriate way to express that I'm feeling like the recent string of hitches this week are squashing the upbeat optimism I felt at the start of this year that everything was looking up for me. Seriously. It took me hours to figure out that's what the sekrit message was. And it made me quite cross in the meantime. So how about a little less cryptic next time, huh?