October 5th, 2011

My Widdle Bwain

Surreal Day

Because of the gunman, I was listening to news radio when they announced that Steve Jobs has passed away.

Yeah, I think that one sentence kind of sums it all up.

Love him or hate him (or -- depending on your age or opinion on Apple products - both), Steve Jobs was an icon who has always been there making an impact. Or at least he has for all of my life. We've known his days here were getting numbered for a while now, but it was still a bit of a shock hearing that he's gone. Silicon Valley is going to be a strange place come the morning.

Unrelated, but on the strange side was my neighborhood this afternoon. The manhunt for the gunman who killed three people this morning was taking place about two miles from my house. Far enough away to not be any kind of an immediate threat, but close enough to tuck up indoors with the doors firmly locked. The news didn't mention it, but when I drove by it was clear that the high school down the street from me had sent all the kids away. I hadn't entirely parsed before how much traffic they generate, both foot and vehicular, in the evenings. Tonight the street was silent. It wasn't just the kids, though. Usually there are a number of people out jogging or walking the dog. But tonight, none of that. The silence has been a little unnerving.