July 12th, 2010


Showa vs. Heisei: The Evolution Of Themes in Ultraman Over Time

(I'd meant to post this on Saturday, in honor of Ultraman Day, but ran out of energy before I ran out of thoughts. Pretend, if you will, this was completed on time.)

There was recently an interesting post on Moegame</a> about the evolution in focus of Ultraman series over time. Since the original post is largely just a collection of scattered thoughts -- almost more notes -- I figured I'd summarize it rather than translate it.

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My Widdle Bwain

Stealth Geek

I just had the weirdest urge to make my very own hand-lettered card in Japanese of the Five Ultra Vows (because calligraphy would far exceed my limited handwriting skills) and put it on a stand on my desk -- or perhaps in the Zen garden, since it would look to fit in. Because it's utterly geekly and yet totally subtle. Because I am one of the office SMOFs, and it's not secret if everyone else knows it.

Yes, I am really quite cracked.