February 9th, 2010

Whee Car

WRC 2010: Start!

Ah, flying car icon. How I've missed using you!

Friday marks the start of the 2010 WRC season, kicking off with Rally Sweden. *happy dance* Ah, rallying, how I've missed you! I promise to be a better fan this year -- though I'm not promising to stay up all night following events. Sorry, no can do. But I will dedicate rally weekends to rallying.

Rally Sweden will have a Special Guest Star: Marcus Gronholm. That's right, the event will be graced with a drive from Mr. "It's Okay" himself! I find it somewhat odd how happy this makes me.

Also in the "oldies but goodies" category, Kaj Lindstrom is returning to competitive action this weekend co-driving for Kimi Raikkonen.

Chinese New Year, three day weekend, start of the Olympics, and start of the new WRC season. Imma looking forward to this weekend!