October 19th, 2009

Happy Brain

Oh, Darling, I've Missed You!

After over a month (nearly two, I think) of the media server not talking to the Xbox -- ever since the media server acquired a trojan horse (I think? It's a long story) -- I finally got all my kids to play nice with each other. It-- Oh, I-- *incoherent squealing* Oh, I have missed streaming downloads!

Gah, it must have been dead for nearly two months now. It started having problems during the time when we had a major database meltdown at work. Since I simultaneously had a minor plumbing meltdown at home, fixing the media server was not high on the list. Gah. Oh well, it's better now, and I can stop twitching that I can't get to my downloaded media easily. AND I can torrent Merlin eps rather than relying on Megaupload. Lo, there be joy here. Loads and loads of it.

Speaking of loads and loads of joy, my Minion delivered two lovely pieces of news to me today: First, Discovery HD is airing the WRC 2009 coverage. The only thing stopping me from going down to Costco Right Now and getting that new HD Tivo I've been coveting is that I'm still damp and smelly from going to the gym earlier today, and they close in 15 minutes. And I'm still seriously tempted to go even so. It's not like I'm going to see the people I run into at Costco again anyway, right? (Particularly not if in the future they see me first...)

The other lovely piece of news is rumors are flying that Ken Block is signing a program with Ford for a three-year run in the WRC, with Chris Atkinson as his teammate. It sounds like it might be a limited program for 2010, with a full run in 2011, possibly in the new Ford Fiesta WRC. This would be very cool as Chris sat out Rally Oz this year and I've been eager to get some news of what he's up to. (That, plus I have a high opinion of his talents as a rally driver and would love to see him get a chance in a car that doesn't suck. Yes, I'm a bad Subaru fan.)

Those last two pieces of news came up thanks to my boss's birthday being one day before mine. As is Chris Atkinson's. Life is weird.