June 6th, 2009

My Widdle Bwain

Not Very Informative Post. No, I'm Not Going To Be More Specific

The subject does say it: you have been warned.

Interesting rumors floating around toku-land this morning -- all unconfirmed, from sources that, while reliable, are also not exactly what I would call insiders. One of them I think unlikely, unless by "end of year" they mean next year. (boo-hoo. Oh wait, I'm planning on being in Japan around years' end next year as well.) One of them I think would provide a plausible explanation on the "so, really, what have you been doing lately?" musing I've been having, and so I'm slightly more inclined to give credence to. All of them I expect to get no reliable information on for a couple of weeks, and so shall say nothing further on them other than: gee, I hope they're true 'cause that would be cool!

As I said, not very informative. I'z works with what I'z given.
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