February 10th, 2009

My Widdle Bwain

Day of Firsts

First the first: I finally found a way to make tea taste good!

The new office has really, really dry air. Like, "I feel like I'm stuck on an airplane for eight hours" kind of dry air. This tends to cause me a lot of sinus pain unless I drink a ton of liquids. I normally drink a lot of water, so upping my intake of that gets boring after a while. I have a couple of hot beverage mixes, but I don't like drinking too much of them since they're sugared. So I decided that it's time to deal with this dislike of tea I have. I have no problems with the herbal teas -- other than they taste like hot leaf juice to me, and I am a little puzzled why anyone would want to drink hot leaf juice.

Fortunately Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger with a packet of Splenda manages to not only not taste like hot leaf juice, it actually tastes pretty good to me. Nifty! And this evening swtjemz brought over one of her teas that can also be rendered nummy. Huzzah!

First the second: I like saba!

Generally, I don't really like the taste of fish. I got raised in a family that doesn't like fish and have never seen the point of learning to like it. I'll eat tuna fish, but it's not the top of my to-eat list. But I've been thinking I should learn to like fish, since it's good for you. It would also open up a lot of food possibilities in Japan, and given that I'm looking at ending up in business/social situations where refusing fish would Not Be Cool learning now to like it is good preparation.

While at dinner tonight we were given a little appetizer thing that had what we believe was cooked, possibly lightly marinaded saba. It was good! I would willingly eat more of it. (Though I was a little puzzled that it tasted a bit like chicken.)

The only down side on saba is that I learned the word for it from Kamen Rider Kabuto. So now I associate saba with, well, Kabuto. And it makes me giggle randomly.

First the third: Well, there is no first the third. After having a roll of "ooh, this can be tasty" adventures today I decided to try some of the sake folks got with dinner. roseemoblism was highly entertained by my "kitty is not happy" faces, and I was profoundly glad there was still some curry left on my plate that I could use to get the vile taste out of my mouth. Given that there are no health benefits to learning to like drinking alcohol and some noteworthy side effects (cost, family history of alcoholism, etc.) I see no reason to work on getting over my dislike here. Sure, I will have to come up with excuses when going out drinking in Japan. But that I can cope with.