December 22nd, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

Bloody Monday

All done. It's weird, knowing that I won't have another episode to look forward to. It took my brain and played with it the way a cat toys with a mouse and I loved every painful minute of it.

I wish I could find that really good brief prepared by the State Department on Aum Shinrikyou. The comparisons between their activities and Bloody Monday are really horrifying. The author clearly really did his homework, and my hat's off to him for taking historical details and blending them with just enough fiction to seem almost comforting.

And on a related note, I'd forgotten that bleeding from the nose and mouth was seen with the Tokyo subway sarin attacks. It's not a normal symptom of sarin poisoning, and was apparently caused by impurities in that particular sarin mix.

I'm going to go find nice people now, and remind myself that the world is not filled with maniacs brewing up poison and nukes bent on the destruction of mankind.