November 27th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

The Wonder Of The Xbox

The Xbox will play Matroska files. How did I never know this?? Foolish, foolish me! I just assumed that it couldn't, and so it didn't. Isn't it amazing what happens when you cease asking what's possible and just do it?

This expands my download possibilities now. I'd been holding off on newer anime series, since I know that I won't watch stuff that won't run through the Xbox. (Too lazy to transfer it to the laptop and watch.) But now! Now I can see if there really are anime series worth watching any more or not. I think this is progress... (Though we'll see -- currently I'm a bit spoiled by having eye candy that's not just ink on paper.)

I'm having a nostalgic morning, headed by watching through some G Gundam episodes. Ah, classic stuff. They don't make anime that way any more. The storytelling style is noticeably different from how it's done these days, as is the animation style. We're so spoiled these days and don't even realize it; the animation now is clear and crisp, thanks to computers and fancy digital transfers. Even on DVD the fuzz on the older series is dramatic. Not to say that it's not still good: it is. But it's a bit sad to notice the aging.

Now I'm watching Raideen, to check if the Central Anime subs play through the Xbox. (They do.) Once I get all the episodes downloaded I'll do a marathon and crash through all of them. But for today... Well, the episode I randomly pulled up happened to be the evil duck castle. Fwah, fwah fwah!

Okay, enough with the nostalgia. I have sweets to make.

For some reason today I'm just filled with the sense that it's a great day to be alive. Hope everyone has a great day!