October 9th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

Secret Japanese Society At The Gym

My gym is apparently where people who've lived in Japan now go to work. The guy who signed me up was a military brat, and had lived in Mizusawa, Sasebo and Okinawa. (I only know where Mizusawa is because of one of my funky train music songs -- and even then, it took me a fair bit of WTF is that?? before I remember it. Remarkable.)

The personal trainer I met with today grew up in Tokyo. He's completely bilingual (SO JEALOUS), and has absolutely no accent. (SO JEALOUS!!) I regret to say that I'm really not up to carrying on my end of a conversation in Japanese while working out on the ellipticals, so I really couldn't manage more than polite noises in response to my trainer telling about him and his dad hiking up Mt. Fuji. (This is, I should note, still not something I aspire to do. I like sleeping at night, much more than i like hiking up a mountain in the dark.) Oh yeah, and my trainer went to UCSB. Small, small world.

I'm sort of intrigued who I'll meet next.