September 2nd, 2008

My Widdle Bwain


I luffs the houseguests. They iz most friendly and cuddly and just too adorable for words. Good for the blood pressure, too!

I've been doing so much work making the house more of a home that I find at work I want to go home just to be at home. I've been so stressed and busy for the last while that I'm looking at spending several weeks focusing on puttering around at home and not going out much. (Nice thought, except for work, and a wedding...)

Had a friend in town all weekend and was out running around. I bought girly shoes! I'm happy I bought girly shoes and am looking for excuses to wear them! (Other than the wedding they were bought for...) And best of all, they were on sale: $13, down from $79. Score!! I've got the dress all picked out (my runner-up choice, since, sadly, it seems the one I really would like isn't in my size and I won't be in its size until well after the wedding ;_; ) Now to get it bought and resized.

It's official: we're staying at Hotel Kinki next trip. The location and the name (not to mention the front never closing) proved irresistible. Now to actually get the reservation submitted. Yeah, it's eight months early. Welcome to nation wide holiday weekends.

That is all.