August 25th, 2008


New Hairstyle

From this year's UltraFest, we see that Ryuu-taichou has a new hairstyle. *sweatdrop* Not so sure about this one either...

How is it that I managed to accidentally schedule family dinners on the day I get my Armored Darkness DVD not once but twice? I'd say that took planning, only, seriously, not. Here's to yet another Very Long Day. :P (No, I'm not watching the torrents. I figure at this point I can wait until I get home to see it, and have it in better definition.)
My Widdle Bwain


Who the heck uses kanji for "takusan"!?

(Okay, rhetorical question.)

In only marginally related news, okay, so I am sad for not figuring out how to get working from home working. Must fix this.