July 29th, 2008


Random Taunts, Random Observations

(The icon should really be a clue... If you don't think it's sparkly too, you might as well stop reading here.)

I have a mission for tomorrow: Clear enough hard drive space to be able to rip one of the A.D. previews so I can screencap one shot. Just to taunt everyone. Because I'm that kind of evil, mean fangirl. (I am, unfortunately, also a fangirl with a headache, who should probably refrain from excessive fangirl squealing. Not that that stopped me. Good thing the windows were closed. And didn't shatter from the squeals.)

Taunting aside (or continued, depending on one's perspective), that one preview had two things that I felt were sadly lacking in the episode itself. I am a very happy (albeit headachy) fangirl.

Update for folks expecting DVDs from me: The DVDs came in two shipments, one of which I have (in case all the senseless gibbering didn't tip you off) and one of which I have to go pick up at the Post Awful tomorrow. Which means the earliest I could get them sent back out is Thursday morning.

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