May 5th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

Wasting Why?

This morning as I grabbed a paper towel to dry my hands at work I thought "why on earth am I doing this?" When I'm in Japan I don't use paper towels. There aren't any. Everyone just carries around a handkerchief (or a small towel, if that's their druthers) and that's that. Why don't I just do that at home, and forget sending all these paper towels to the landfill?
My Widdle Bwain


I don't have any uber-critical, time sensitive anythings imminently due. I feel so lost -- I don't know what to do with my evening! (All, er, half hour of it. :P)

Edit: Or maybe it's just that suddenly I'm really, really tired. Yeah, that could explain the lack of focus and not feeling like doing anything, huh?
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My Widdle Bwain

Note to self

Translate this. (Maybe try reading it first...?) It seems to be the most complete synopsis of the first Nagoya show I've found in my (very brief) research.

Why is it that the only blog entries on the second show I can find are all people who are all "oh, well, I have no interest in Ultraman, so I didn't really care what happened..."??? Why are you people going?? Why are you taunting me with your go-ability and apathy???

Though the link to moegame reminds me that I haven't gotten around to translating the synopsis that got posted. So I suppose that can keep me entertained until the real fans get home and get posting.