May 4th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

Not Exactly Sunday Morning Cartoons.

And yet again, Ultra Galaxy's monster of the week happens to be the main monster in the Mebi episode I'm working on. (Yes, I'm really far behind on UG, given that the monster in question is Nova. >.>)

I'm still not Teppei, but I'm getting so I can squee monster names with the best of 'em. It helps that pretty much all the monsters in UG are ones that showed up in Mebius. ID'ing 'em's much easier if I've seen 'em before.


And you know, the end of episode 12 is a really inconvenient time to realize that this series has 13 episodes to it. *head-->desk*

(This entry on Hirata's blog is freaking hilarious. I'll try to make time to translate it sometime, since it totally cracked me up.)
Flying off from the sunset

Random Movie News

According to the director's blog, they had the first pre-screening of the new movie a day or two ago, followed by the cast party. (Not attended by everyone, since several of them are tied up with the Nagoya show going on currently.) Sounds like it was a blast. *wants to have been a fly on that wall*

The whole thing took place in Gotanda, which is where I stayed when I was in Tokyo about a month ago. Ah, to have been there and been in the right restaurant at the right time... The director said that they got a lot of looks. I wonder how they'd react to having a hyper blonde gaijin wander up and ask them for an autograph. That would be worth some giggles.