April 19th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain


The microwave blew up. Not in the "pretty shower of sparks, oooh!" kind of way. Just in the "gee, is it supposed to make that noise -- and why are the lights out now?" kind of way. So, now I have a new one on order. (It's an under range model, and they didn't have it in the store in the color I want.)

I managed to find the manufacture information on the old one. September, 1986.

Man, if it had lived four more months it would have been legal to drink! I'm not calling this a life cut tragically short.

New one will be higher power and include a turntable. And hopefully won't beep at me as much. There is inconvenience, but I consider this in general a win.

Giant Red Flower Pot

The question for the evening is: How did I miss a giant red flower pot?

I do mean giant. Like, it's at least a story tall kind of giant.

This strange post brought to you by me finally pulling out the episode of Mebius that I happened to get to the location it was filmed at. (It was a the same train station that my stage show was at, so what the heck.)
My Widdle Bwain

Monorails Are Cool

We should have more monorails in the US. They're cool. They're techno-nifty. And they're pretty darn quiet (quieter than BART, so it's not just the running on electricity thing), particularly compared with the more traditional rail systems we have everywhere.

What prompts this comment? A wander through the Yokota AFB's webpage led to the discovery that one of my options to get to Takahata Fudouson is to transfer at Tachikawa to the Tama Monorail. Which, while neither the cheapest nor the fastest option does at least let me go riding on the monorail, and so it shall happen. Because monorails are cool. And I need to get to Takahata Fudou, since it's one of the major Fudou temples in the Kanto region. Which in and of itself moves it higher on the to-do list when I'm in the Tokyo region, never mind that I need to wander out that direction again and find a weird gazebo thing.

(I really wish I'd realized when we went out to Tama Center that we could have taken the Tama Monorail from Tachikawa. Since it probably would have been cheaper and easier -- since we had a JR pass -- and monorails are cool. Detecting a theme here?)

Random Thing Of Coolness: link to a list of rail stations in Japan