March 30th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain


First off, note to self: About Chichibu's silk history

Second off: dang. I should have skipped being cheap and gotten the GPS. Turns out that I'm going through Shibukawa tomorrow, so I want to find this place. Problem is, the address I have isn't complete enough to find it based just on that. I have the district, but not the exact street address. I do, however, have the exact GPS coordinates. And nothing with me capable of translating that into directions to the location. Dang.

Depending on timing, I may wander around and see what I can come up with. Or I might say screw it, and see if I can't (finally) walk out and confirm if I'm right about the location of Yuuichi's gas station.

I love my hobbies. They make me learn words so that I realize that the cab driver wants to shake my hand (at least he's not taking that handshake back to his home planet as part of his father's legacy), and allow me to pull out directions to very old temples in outback, Japan off the top of my head.

Tomorrow's plans: Hit an old temple on the Bandou pilgrimage that I've been meaning to get out to for years. Probably also grab random shots around Shibukawa, since it turns out that we're going through there anyway.

More Movie News

Meh... Looks like new movie is going very, very alt-verse:








Will translate later.

(Taken from this article excerpted from Uchuusen vol. 120, (c) Hobby Japan)