February 29th, 2008


UM: Armored Darkness

hicbc.com announces the release schedule for Ultraman Moebius Gaiden: Armored Darkness It's a direct to DVD release, with the first DVD coming out 7/25 and the second one out on 8/22. DVDs are 25 minutes for the episode plus 25 minutes of extras. It will feature all the original crew series regulars, along with a new crew member.

I'll translate the summary after I get home from work tonight.

DVD releases in July and August, with the movie out in September... I wonder if the DVDs are related to the movie?
My Widdle Bwain

Some Days I Worry Even Myself

*watching Power Rangers Jungle Fury (aka, What Happens When Gekiranger Gets Americanized)*

Hey! I know that dam! Last I saw, it had Mebius impaled on it. Now it's in Power Rangers.

Ah, how the mighty dam has fallen.

(The dam, for reference, is Miyagase Dam, which also featured in Nexus. And yeah, I did correctly ID this dam off of one short shot. Because I'm whacked in the head that way.)

(Oh, and for anyone wondering, Gekiranger done as Power Rangers is about what one would expect. Anyone wondering why I'm watching it... well, see this entry's subject.)