January 13th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

Ultraman Vs. The Giant Penises

Yes, odd title. Welcome to my life.

So, it turns out there's an Ultraman stage production this April. (I found it while trying to dig up information the Nagoya stage production from last year. Which I still know nothing about, *grumble*) I'm planning on going to Japan in April. The exact timing I'm still working out. But we're constrained on our timing by the Kanamara Festival -- a festival that involves giant phalluses being loaded onto floats and paraded down the street. (Picture here -- probably best not viewed at work -- of "Elizabeth".)

It's looking like, because of the timing on the festival, either I will leave a few days before the stage production or will be in the middle of a pilgrimage in hicksville, Saitama. :P