January 6th, 2008

My Widdle Bwain

Very Random

I had something I was going to post, but now I've forgotten what...

Oh, right. The best thing about the new KR Den'ou opening is that the "in your hands" bit sounds a good deal less like "in your pants". That's just disturbing to hear every time I hit that point in the song.

(And yeah, it's also disturbing to realize that "hands" and "pants" sound about the same when spoken with a Japanese accent.)

New episode downloading. *waits impatiently* Five and a half hours of proofing subs and smacking in titles means I deserve a reward. Or a break. Or... dinner. Yes, definitely dinner.

Ah, dinner reminds me, I was going to post about yesterday. Collapse )

I found another random bit part for Sakomizu's actor. He played a priest marrying off the main characters in one of my dramas. Kinda made my brain break, particularly when crossed with certain alt-verses.

There's a random bit part in an episode of UltraSeven that I'd swear was done by Nishina Masaki -- if for no other reason than that his "Waaaaaaa!"s sounded exactly like Ryuu's. (Yeah, I've had to listen to that too much.)

Collapse )

*notes that grey text with a white drop-shadow is just about impossible to read in subtitles. Really.*

Man, it is really annoying on the Den'ou episodes that T-N messes up the timing on the first several lines 'cause of their episode intro bump. Makes me frustrated that I can't fix it. It would take so little!

There. Done rambling. Going to fix dinner now.