August 11th, 2007

My Widdle Bwain

Morning Traditions

The cat is staring at me as I fall into hysterical giggles upon realizing that I recognize a stairway(*) in a particular Mebius episode. Ah, must be Saturday morning!

(* Yeah, I've walked down that stairway, that's why I recognize it. Can give directions to it from Tokyo Station from memory. I'z geek.)
Flying Mebi plushi

Hikari Saga, Hatsubai!

Hikari Saga on DVD is scheduled to release 10/26.


This information comes from the Ultraman Moebius , which appears to mainly be an advertisement for, well, lots of stuff. The TV series DVDs, Hikari Saga, and this game. Said game appears to have a friend, this game. Indication is that there will be a third friend to round out the series. First game takes place about a month after the end of the TV series. Don't know much about what happens, but the blog I was reading says that 1) this is a children's game so don't expect a lot out of the gameplay, and 2) Captain Ryuu gets to say "Sally go". (And for that alone I will track it down. Because I'm insane and geekly like that.)