June 21st, 2007

My Widdle Bwain

Pants and TV

It's not every day I get a phone call from some random guy, demanding that I return my pants to him. And that said phone call renders me into such fits of laughter that I have to leave the building at work before I embarass myself. (And given that I had just finished a conversation involving guys' cables not being long enough, that is saying something.)

Okay. So he's right, I do owe him for the pants. (Yes, mizutamariis I *still* haven't sent copies of my photos to Ezra! *bad, bad, Sandpanther*)

And while I'm being silly... Collapse )

If (\/) (\/) or (\./) (\./) are crayfish, then what would I use to represent a plague of them? ^(\/)^? *ponders*