April 15th, 2007

My Widdle Bwain


Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Checking stuff out that happened while I was gone: One of the organizers from Rim called me (yes, as in on the phone) and asked if I would be interested in being service park captain this year. *falls over in shock* I don't think I can do it, since I would have to be in Lancaster by 6 PM on Friday and that won't coordinate well with work. But after two weeks of taking guff from people on things that I had no control over and getting ditched at every opportunity, I appreciate the ego boo of having someone call me to say they think I'm cool and really want me. This? This has a lot to do with why I like rallying so much.

(Interestingly, on the plane back I had just been pondering if I was going to Rim or not. After remembering that Ezra kicked people out of the room so I could stay with him because he actually *wanted* me there, and thinking of all the friends and folks who remember me and think highly of me in the SoCal rally community (and aren't shy about saying so) I had already pretty much concluded that I would be stupid to not go. Now I'm more than convinced.)

On the less good side, it looks like the media server got hacked while I was gone, through VNC. Not sure what the damage is -- I classed the whole thing as "something to deal with when I'm more awake" -- but that will be off-line while I muck with the damage. (Which means no seeding for me for the duration.)

And now the laptop is acting whacked. I'm going to go do something that requires less brainpower.